kiddo daily delight – the jolley postman by janet & allan ahlberg


For the builder’s 1st birthday, we had a book-themed party: read favorite children’s books, made books of our own, ate a book worm birthday cake, and party attendees brought a favorite book for the birthday boy.  Our cousins, Jacob & Jesse brought the builder, The Jolly Postman…or Other People’s Letters  by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.  The kiddos and I have had such a wonderful time reading this book again, and again. 


There are so many fun activities that can be done:

  • act out the fairy tales mentioned in the book
  • write another chapter to a favorite tale
  • set up a post office and have the kiddos take turns being the postman, delivering letters and packages around your house
  • write letters to your neighbors and deliver them as the postman does
  • write letter to a loved one far away and mail it
  • go meet your neighborhood postman
  • visit the post office and take a tour
  • make your own mini story (like Cinderella’s) from one of the mentioned tales
  • design a magazine or newspaper (start small)
  • make your own postcard with images of some things you’ve done lately
  • start a stamp collection
  • make your own stationary

06.09 1033

Well, I’m sure you can think of many more.  We chose to write letters to someone special.  After writing and drawing pictures, we sealed them in old envelopes, put stickers for stamps and return address stickers on our envelopes:

06.09 1032

A perfect morning: story, activity, playing with friends outside, snail hunt, snack, swings, slide, bikes…oh, how we will miss our vacationing friends when they go home!

06.09 1035

p.s.  For a fabulous blog that focuses on small children writing…try the write start!

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