kiddo daily delight – the cat who invented bebop by marshall arisman


The Cat Who Invented Bebop is a wonderful story,  full of delightful illustrations, jazz history, adventures in the Big Apple, and of course, bebop.

Our readers this morning were young and wiggly!  🙂  Though we had a wonderful time talking about the main character, train rides, and musical instruments.

For our activity, I thought it would be fun to get out our instruments, sing some favorite songs and move around.

06.09 216

I can’t remember all of the songs, but some we sang were:

  • The Wheels on The Bus
  • Old MacDonald
  • The Ants Go Marching

06.09 217

The kids of course had a blast…especially the babies, and then we played outside till the rain began to fall…:)

A big thanks to Auntie Dezzer and Nana for finding the wonderful shakers and bells for us to make noise!  (They found them on clearance at Pier One). 

Where do you find musical instruments for your kiddos?


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