kiddo daily delight – the runaway beard by david schiller


The blogging world has truly brought new adventures…reuniting with old friends, keeping up with loved ones, and even making new friends.  Today was special for some new friends that found us via a friend’s blog, came to our kiddo daily delight!

A special welcome to Alison and Noah!  We had  a wonderful morning with you, and look forward to a full filled Summer together.  The dancer was so excited to tell her daddy about her new friend Noah. 🙂

When we could not find the planned book, the builder requested The Runaway Beard by David Schiller, illustrated by Marc Rosenthal.  In the story, the dad goes to shave off his beard, but the beard escapes.  The beard is trying to find a new home, on unexpected chins and in funny places (such as within the goldfish bowl).  After being scolded and chased, he ends up in the family’s cellar, sad, and scared.  The children have a wonderful idea to send him home with their bald uncle.  The next morning, the uncle wakes with a full head of hair and he and the beard were never separated. 


The kiddos love this book.  And find new funny things each time we read it together.  After we read the book with Noah, we all went outside to draw our own faces with and without hairy beards.  We talked about other body parts and drew trains as well.

05.09 891

Noah, and the explorer, happily busy with their chalk.

05.09 892

The builder, drawing silly hair on a happy reciepient.   

Just a reminder to anyone nearby, or in our area on a Tuesday morning: kiddo daily delights are open to kiddos of all ages.  We meet at 10 am in the Swiss Oaks Clubhouse(just north of the Zermatt Resort).  Just let me know that you’re coming and how many of you there will be so that we have plenty of supplies (  Bring a snack for your kiddos if you like.  After our story and activity, we play together and enjoy snacks.  Hope to see you soon!

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