kiddo daily delight – jewish wishing tradition


I always thought the Western Wall of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem (wailing wall), was where prayers were placed in the cracks between stones.  Roseanne Thong explains in Wish, that wishes as well as prayers are written on the small “kvitlach” or piece of paper. 


But I guess prayers are much like a wish.  When the kiddos pray, their words are simple and beautiful.  They are grateful for the people they love, food they eat, and offer wishes of their heart.


Perhaps that is why the Jewish tradition was included in the Wish book.  Either way, I love teaching the kiddos about Solomon’s Temple and the traditions held there.

0509-045   0509-043

The kiddos enjoyed drawing and discussing wishes.  We chatted about my wish for a garden (we are still waiting…Memorial Day is the earliest recommended in the Heber Valley).

0509-047   0509-044

The kiddos suggested their garden desires: strawberries, bananas, watermelon, and chicken.  Mine included, eggplant, spinach, and tomatoes.

Are you garden wishing as well?  Or is your garden, like Nancy’s, already growing?  I’d love to see photos…might help this impatient gal a bit!  🙂

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