theory – let there be hope


A marvelous weekend spent with friends and loved ones.  As we left for Vegas and the OC, we spotted the first blooms of spring in Utah Country.  The blooms brought hope that we’ll see something similar in the Heber Valley next month. 


Spending time with dear friends, catching up a bit, I was reminded of the constant challenges life brings.  Though the trials were not the same, they were undoubtedly there.  At first it saddened me to think of some of the hardships those I love are facing. 


Some of these challenges were consequences of personal choices, but the majority seemed to be life challenges: those we face as we grow older, some that have been caused by our economic times… 


I was reminded that making good choices does not guarantee life without difficulty.  Living within our means, wise financial decisions, and a stable job, will not protect us from financial difficulty.  A skill, or a college degree will not save us from unemployment.  Being an in-tune, attentive, & loving mother won’t guarantee our children’s good health.   Nor will every wonderful guy realize the gem of a gal before him.   


As we drove away from one of our visits, I confided in the designer that I didn’t know what to say to one of my friends, that I didn’t want to give any false hope.  The designer kindly explained to me, “Treen, there’s no such thing as ‘false hope.’  There is always hope.” 


He was right.  As I had listened to the worries, the disappointment, the preparation for the inevitable, there was still hope behind the eyes and hearts of my friends.   

And it lifted my heavy heart. 


Life will continue to bring challenges, opportunity for change and growth:  A chance to prove what we are truly made of.  Discovering what we really care for or need.   


Admiring the courage and strength of my friends brought gratitude for a loving Savior and Heavenly Father who are constantly watching over and loving us.  


They will not leave us alone.  They will always be there.  Hoping and waiting with us. 


May the storms of life continue to rage.  And dear friends, may we, like my Vegas friends, have hope.  Let us have the courage to stand together, to support one another, and love one another, combat the challenges facing us, and our loved ones.  May these challenges refine and build us.  Ultimately, allow us to become everything our Father has imagined. 


Let there be hope!

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