kiddo daily delight – the velveteen rabbit by margery williams


So we’re still enjoying the Easter-ness around us.  The dancer in hand, and the grower on my back within the BabyHawk, we went for an evening walk through our adjacent field.   



Memories flooded as I looked up towards Wilson’s Peak.  Many a nights were spent, hiking round the field, golf course, and neighborhood.  A happy time: simple, peaceful, just the designer, builder, and I.


Something special about sharing the first evening hike with the dancer and grower.  The dancer wanted to hike “the mountain” (the small hill in the lower part of the photo)!  Just like those peaceful nights, we made some similar, exciting discoveries:


Oh, the joy of living next to the Homestead Golf Course.  And yes, the golfers still hit off course in the same spots!


Her itty bitty hand grasped the ball (any of you Bergs or Berg Engineering folk, might recognize the logo on the ball: A Plus, the designer’s firm’s benefits and payroll…I didn’t notice until now…)

Find after find…


…soon, the load was far too great for one lil’ gal to carry alone:


Even the grower was enlisted to care for our finds:


Into the mouth, and a runny nose, yes, he’ll still teething.

After finding 5 golf balls, and rather easily, I might add, we’d combed much of the field.  The sun was setting, and it was beginning to get cold.  The dancer decided to bury the balls:


She prefered placing them in holes, and eventually, they all had their own special spot.


Watching her creative mind in action is quite fulfilling.  Wonder if we’ll rediscover the same balls another day.

At bedtime, one of the stories we read was the original Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.  The illustrations by Don Daily, in our book are just charming.


I wonder when she’ll begin to ask about her toys being real…? 🙂

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