kiddo daily delight – fhe, eeyore & charlotte’s birthdays


There’s not much better than extended family birthday parties, and a happy birthday gal: Aunt Charlotte.  The designer’s family used to gather for every birthday, but his uncle’s 8 kids and their 20 something kiddos, his parents’ 7 kids and their 14 kiddos…well it is a wonderful amount of luv that still enjoy gathering, but only gather for the big events, like Aunt Charlotte’s birthday. 

This afternoon, the kiddos worked on some birthday cards for Charlotte.  Here is the dancer working on her masterpiece (with her newly obtained stickers from the sticker club…the first to arrive):


After a fun night filled with family, crazy cousins, meeting new baby Reed, ice cream, and candy, our sugared-out family headed home.  The kiddos and I read Chapter 6 of The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh, In Which Eeyore has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents.

They were a bit hyper, but we enjoyed the gifts from Pooh and Piglet. Do you ever wonder if you’re gifting a honey-less pot or a busted balloon?  I do.  🙂


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