kiddo daily delight – eeyore’s missing tail, early easter hunting


Maybe it’s the “hunt” in the air, rapidly approaching, the search for something lost…

Or maybe it’s the down-played approach we’ve taken on big holidays so far, but I was thinking about Easter Egg hunting, Eeyore’s missing tail, and the great developmental progress that comes from hiding and finding.

I took out eight of the kiddos favorite animals:


Then we reviewed Chapter Four, where Eeyore’s tail is found missing and rediscovered by Pooh Bear.


Here came the fun part (the designer was so excited when I told him what we were going to do) 🙂  I sent the kiddos into Seanna’s room (the guest room), while the designer and I hid the animals in the living room.

0309-1331 0309-131  0309-130

The builder caught right on, oh the thrill in his eyes as he took the dancer by the hand to wait for us to hide the animals!

0309-141  It was a real hit for all of us.  The kiddos were elated every time they found one, and loved to be excited for each other.


0309-128 Even the grower got into the animal fun!

0309-144 The builder hid the animals next (all lined up, above the tv, except the elephant, who was placed on the door knob).  The designer and I took times after that, hiding them a bit more hidden. 

What a fun evening!

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