kiddo daily delights – aelin the water fairy by simone lindner


The kiddos are gearing up for Summer…spending more time swimming and playing in the water.  Days like yesterday, the dancer had two baths and a shower.  They love it.  Truly a school of fish these three. 

This morning, the grower had had his fill, I took him out, dressed him, and noticed that his siblings were working very hard.  They were creating their own drink bar.  Filling toys with water and drinking each one.



Tonight we sat and read “Aelin, the Water Fairy,” beautifully illustrated by Christa Unzner.  It is a charming story about water disappearing, animal friends, and Aelin, helping to break the intruding dam.  Fairy chants, and a visit from the Fairy Queen.  A wonderful story. 

We talked a bit about water and how it is important to the animals and sea creatures.  At the end of this precious book there is an envelope with a letter to the child owner of the book.  A perfect follow-up on our adventure yesterday.  They loved opening the envelope and gingerly reading the letter.  

Visit the website for more Fairy fun.  There are stories of a Fairy representing each of the 4 elements: water, air, fire, and earth.   The dancer and I loved the site and even wrote a letter to the fairies:


This is (the dancer).  I love fairies.  And ladybugs.  I read Aelin the Water Fairy and loved it.  Please come to my house.  We will go play in the water.  I like the bath.  I love my baby (the grower).  And (the builder), my big brother.  And my daddy.  And monkeys. 

Ba bye love,
(the dancer)

I’ll be sure to post if she receives a response from the fairies. 🙂

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