kiddo daily delight – night mail by w. h. auden


Yesterday’s mail brought a letter for the dancer.  I think it’s the second written only to her.  (The first was a welcome card from President George W. Bush).  The letter was from her girlfriend Stevie Kate.  She loves Stevie Kate.  The letter was an invitation to be in a “Sticker Club.”  Really just a twist on the usual “chain letter.”  An improved one, I might add, especially for her age group.

So this morning, as we carefully packed Chloe’s paintings heading to her Grandfather in Italy, we also prepared letters to 7 of her girlfriends and cousins with the same letter.  As I made envelopes, the kiddos created their own paper fun with the magazines and catalogs I’ve been saving.  Their scissor skills are improving all of the time.  And what we don’t like goes into the recycling box.  Not bad.



We talked about the letters we were writing, making.  Where they were going.  Who would open them, what would be inside.  Then we bought a package of stickers from the Memory Box next to the designer’s office in Midway. (He was so good to come over and help me!).  A few copies and off we went to the Post Office to mail our letters.  (I’m actually quite impressed that it is already done…oh, I was waiting on Brielle’s address, but it will post tomorrow…these projects are so much easier to accomplish when we have a day to learn and explore together.) 

As a child I was facinated with the Post Office.  (This gives me a great idea for a Preschool Center in April.  What do you think Sara?  So much good play, literacy, writing skills…to be explored. )  Anyways, my sisters and I loved playing Post Office, writing our letters, delivering them various places “through the town.” 

The kiddos also love the Post Office.  Today they were very intrigued by the many packing boxes.  Their colors and designs. 

Tonight we sat on the couch and read from “Treasury of Children’s Poetry,” compiled by Alison Sage.  We read several together.  The dancer loves me to sing the poems…oh the tunes I make up…wondering when she’ll figure it out…

The poem I chose to focus was “Night Mail” by W. H. Auden.  It was written in 1936 for an advertisement.  It was the perfect poem to read, trains, movement, the rhythm so invigorating.  Tonight I found a youtube link to the poem with music by Benjamin Brittan, and narrated by John Grierson.  Truly a moment in time.  I can’t wait to show it to the kiddos tomorrow.   


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