discovery – surviving teething: 5 tips


Probably the most unprepared I felt as a first-time momma, was when the builder began teething. It hit like a raging storm; wild and un-tamable. I thought it was the end of the world.

The dancer and grower are currently teething.  Though the grower is having more success.  🙂  Three kiddos, three sets of baby teeth, still learning, and collecting a list of possible aids to mommas with teething kiddos.  Also, welcoming suggestions from other mommas.

Here are 5 things that I’ve learned or things that work for us:

  1. the guilt – I thought I’d learned how to console my baby, but teething can be inconsolable.  It’s easy to think that you’re no longer a good momma.  Hang in there.  It will pass.
  2. the pain – There are many different theories on the best way to deal with the pain.  It was suggested to me to alternate between Children’s Tylenol and Motrin. (This is a common remedy).  Unfortunately, the builder would throw-up the minute the Motrin was squeezed into his mouth.  We gave up on the Motrin.  Finally we tried Hyland’s Teething Tablets.  These have been heaven sent.  They give enough relief to allow our kiddos to relax and rest.  Yet they aren’t constantly drowsy.  (The grower can pick one of these tiny tablets out of my hand).  I’m hoping it will help them learn to deal with the pain and build their pain threshold without having to endure a great amount of pain.  We also used Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water with the dancer.  (We discovered it when she had colic and gassy problems, and it also worked great for her teething.)
  3. distraction – Walks outside, games, music, books, and movies, have all given our kiddos something else to think about.
  4. food – whether they are eating solids or not, I’ve found that I’d rather the grower teeth on natural items such as apples, peppers, carrots, bananas, and pears. 
  5. baby wearing – Holding, carrying, bouncing our baby or toddler, keeping them snuggled up close, has helped give the comfort they really need.  Despite the 21 pounds the grower is currently sporting, I carry him in the BabyHawk, several times a day…especially when his teeth are bothering him. 

So what works for you and your teething kiddos?  What is your favorite remedy?

4 thoughts on “discovery – surviving teething: 5 tips

  1. Frozen fruit was a big one. I had this little mesh bag thing called a fresh food feeder by Munchkin that you could put food in and they could chew on it. It was heaven-sent. (You can buy it at Target, Wal-mart, Babies R Us). I would put frozen strawberries, grapes, peaches, in it. That way they can’t accidentally bite off a big piece and choke. I’ve also done otter pops. Not as healthy, of course, but they love them. Even if you just pierce a tiny hole in the otter pop and let them chew on it.

  2. Christy,

    Luv the Munchkin wonder…definitely need to look into getting one of those. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. Our little guy is currently working on number 5 and 6, and it has been the toughest round! We use the teething gel from Hyland’s, and that works really well. We also use Camilia’s homeopathic medicine. It has a kid-friendly taste and they come in single dose-plastic vials. It’s so easy for them to take, that we were even able to use it when he was just 2 months old (first started teething).

    I agree about the Munchkin mesh bag with fruit–it works great as well!

  4. Marlise,

    Hi lady! Wow 5 and 6, the grower is behind. 🙂 I didn’t know Hyland’s made teething gel as well. Thanks for the info. Munchkins must be the lifesaver….:)
    Hugs to that sweet boy!

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