kiddo daily delight – snowfull fhe


The designer and I have had some good chats lately about our relationship, partnership, the family life we want, how to teach our children, and fhe (the most important part being: being together!).  🙂

So when the kiddos were not in the frame of mind for a lesson indoors, we ventured out to the consistantly falling snow, and just played together outside.  



The builder loves to eat the snow, where the dancer loved to throw it.

The grower is soo happy outside and was the last to come in (as usual).




After the designer got a large area shoveled, the builder rode his bike, enjoying making circle tracks in the snow.

I think the grower was also interested in eating the snow.  🙂


When we came in, I pulled out a library book, “Snowed Under,” a Bob the Builder story.  (Sorry about the photo, I could only find dvd images). 


We also read some of our latest BabyBug editions.  Do you read Ladybug, Babybug, or Spider?  My kiddos love them.  Thanks to Nana and Jonny’s school fundraisers, we’ve been reading them for a couple years now.  Several of ours stay in the church bag…a great place to read them.  The illustrations and concepts are always enjoyed, and the kiddos particularly enjoy the repeat characters. The Babybug site has suggestions on how to use their books to further your kiddo’s learning.  I need to frequent it more…a great place for kiddo daily delight ideas.


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