kiddo daily delight – an amazing alphabet book by dr. seuss


Did you notice Dr. Seuss characters on Google’s homepage  this week?  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  I love that many of us grew up on Dr. Seuss, and that its nostalgia is definitely creeping into our children’s lives as well.  My kiddos love Dr. Seuss.  (Hmm, maybe another great subject to paint…)  When they spotted my google page the other day, they were soo excited to see something they adore on the “puter.”

Today we were playing/learning with our Dr. Seuss shapes/colors and alphabet cards.  (A fabulous TJ Maxx find).


The grower went to take a nap, so we had the floor to ourselves and created an alphabet train. 



As we went along singing the alphabet song, identifying the letters, and saying their phonetic sounds, the kiddos added more fun to our train: alphabet magnets.


They pulled off some of the leap frog fridge phonics (a fabulous gift from Paul n Traci’s family), and added them to their train.

We then went and found more magnets that have lower-cased letters as well. 


Finally, we read Dr. Seuss’ An Amazing Alphabet Book together. 


As we read, they turned over their cards to reveal some of the same graphics honoring each letter.  What a fun morning!

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