kiddo daily delight – blip’s shopping list


After a month studying healthy food, the grocery store, and related ideas, we were ready for our final activity and field trip.  Sara found a wonderful book: Blip’s Shopping List.  A great phonics book, focusing on blending. 

Tuesday, Sara had made a food pyramid for each of the kiddos and we helped them find food in mail ads, and glue them to their pyramid.  Today we visited our local grocery store for our culminating activity.  After reading our book, the kiddos made their own list by choosing food found in the ads and pasting them to their list. 


At the store we looked for the food on their lists.  They had a wonderful time.  Sara saved the day by purchasing hairspray.  (A couple of the kiddos wanted to buy everything they saw) :).  Fortunately, the story wasn’t busy this morning, so we could roam and explore.


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