kiddo daily delight – alice in wonderland by jon scieszka


A while back, Julie asked when we do our kiddo daily delight.  I prefer to do it in the morning, after we clean up from breakfast and the kiddos have had a chance to do their own exploration.  Mornings we have preschool, we fit it in where we can: either between lunch and naps, or after naps.  Last resort is after dinner, but fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often.

With that said, we did our kiddo daily delight  this morning as the grower was taking his morning nap.  We read Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, by Jon Scieszka.  The narration and illustrations are right out of the Disney film.  And the kiddos loved that.  They narrated their own versions as I read.  Afterwards, we wrote our own story with Alice in our special book we started last month (If You Give A Mouse A Cookie). 




As I added some watercolors to our new creation, the dancer did her own painting.  When the designer came home, the kiddos read their new story to him.



Wonder what we’ll write about next…


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