kiddo daily delight – jazz by walter dean myers


The kiddos are getting more and more in to music.  Their favorite cds lately are Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and Miles Davis Quintet, “Relaxin.”  Their GiGi would be happy to know this.  🙂 


When we were at the library, I spotted a children’s book, “Jazz” by Walter Dean Myers.  I thought it would be great to read and listen to jazz together.  The book has gorgeous illustrations of Jazz instruments, dancers, and singers.  Poetry throughout, movement in the illustrations that jump right off the page.  As we identified an instrument, we would make gestures and sounds that the instrument would make.


We sat and read together.  The builder particularly like the page with the drum set.  He played one with his buddy Jake not to long ago, and is convinced that he would like one as well. 


After we read together, we listened to another library find, Chet Baker’s “Jazz Moods: Cool.”  A wonderful album.  We all loved it.  The kiddos and I moved and grooved together.  The builder began drumming on the Jazz book.  We listened together for the various instruments, moved and sang along with them.  It was a fun activity. 



What fun music themed books have you read together?  What are your favorite musical activities?

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