kiddo daily delight – fhe & spoons


After dinner we explained that it was ‘family home evening’ night to the kiddos.  Then we cleaned up and were chatting a bit.  The builder ran in with something important to say, very insistent that we pay attention to him.  He wanted fhe and right now.

So off we went.  Sang a few songs, had a prayer, sang another song, and had the kiddos run around the circle (they make their rounds between the great room, dining & kitchen & back again).  They had soo much energy tonight. 

And for the lesson.  Short attention span again tonight.  It will get better right?  The builder came home from sunbeams Sunday talking about the Holy Ghost.  So I thought we’d talk a bit more about Him.   Let’s just say, it was short. 

As for our activity, I was inspired by Lorie’s Spoons post at Be Different Act Normal (a new fav blog).  No, Jessi, this gal does not come up with it all on her own either (that’s the beauty of the internet right?:)) hee hee.  Anyways, we simplified the game a bit for our kiddos.  The designer and I teamed up with one of them and helped them find ‘matches’ and then they could grab a spoon.  The builder caught on real fast.  The dancer was just so excited to look at each card. 

Check out Lorie’s post for the traditional rules if you’ve forgotten them or would like to learn.


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