kiddo daily delight – fhe & london bridge is falling down by peter spier


I actually had quite a bit planned for tonight, but the dancer would not take a nap, and was very tired.  So we had to cut our family home evening in half.  We sang a couple favorites: Once there was a Snowman, and I am a Child of God, and had a prayer.

We read a little of the Word of Wisdom, and talked about how when we eat things that are good for our bellies, that we are blessed (ie. receive strength, and even ‘hidden treasures’).  I thought the builder would be into the treasures part.  Sure enough.  We talked about how eating candy is not good for our belly and that it was ok to have one piece of candy, but that is all.  The builder volunteered to give the rest of his candy to Daddy (I suggested we throw it away).  I know, kill joy. 

Then we sat together and read, London Bridge is Falling Down together.  The builder and I read it a second time and then they sang and acted it out with Daddy.  I had no idea that the nursery rhyme had so many verses!  🙂 

The illustrations are beautiful.  Our favorite pages were the one with the galleon, and one in the beginning where the engineers/architects are creating renderings, floor plans and models, as the ‘fair lady’ looks out the window at the dying bridge. 

Well there you have it:  A quick fun evening.  And the kiddos are all in bed!


2 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – fhe & london bridge is falling down by peter spier

  1. I think we will talk about the word of wisdom for fhe next week like you did. Abram needs a good uplifting discussion about eating good food. Last night we took a page from the Friend magazine that has Elder Bednar talking about our bodies being Temples (we were able to talk about eating good foods, wearing clean (modest) clothes, not writing on our bodies, and keeping our bodies clean (i.e. taking baths) with the points that he made. Perfect for toddlers!

  2. Jessi,

    Thx so much for the Bednar/Friend article. We did a lesson in January about healthy bodies (from the new nursery manual). Now that we’ve gone to the temple together, that will be a perfect follow-up/way to combine the two concepts. xo

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