kiddo daily delight – an edible alphabet by bonnie christensen


Sara and I are teaching Preschool in February.  Our overall theme is healthy food.  Beginning with An Edible Alphabet by Bonnie Christensen.  I love this book, filled with wood etchings of veggies, fruit, grain, roots, and herbs.  


We had a wonderful day, full of food related centers and activities:

Centers for the day:


  • grocery store – We have been collecting our used boxes, cans, and rounding up some old food storage.  Our recent trips to Costco have provided many fun days with various activities using the packing boxes.  During preschool, we set them up as shelves for the food.  The kiddos shelved the food themselves.  Then they would use recycled gift bags and buy food at the register and then cook in their kitchen.
  • kitchen – Sara’s sister’s kitchen with various plastic food, plastic ware and utensils.
  • measuring table – filled with measuring cups, spoons, buckets, and noodles
  • literacy table – magnet letters and cards to fit them in that spell familiar words dipicted.



Our activity: We read An Edible Alphabet and discussed good food: veggies, fruit, our favorites. We then baked some whole wheat bread in the bread maker and ate some grapes for our first snack.
Our activity time continued as we began a science experiment with potatoes and clean/dirty hands. We played hot potato to get one of our potatoes good and dirty. It was a lot of fun. We’ll be watching our potatoes over the next month to see what happens when we do or do not wash our hands.
Then we learned a new song (signing time volume 2) about washing our hands…
Oh woah, look at my hands
Look at my hands, they’re dirty
Oh woah, look at my hands
Look at my hands they’re dir-rty
A little soap and water,
A little soap and water,
Oh woah, look at my hands
Look at my hands they’re clean
ASL signs we learned/reviewed today:
  • bread
  • grapes
  • clean
  • dirty
  • water
  • soap

During Circle Time we enjoyed the new calendar days (thx Heather), and read a couple more books about good food: Apples to Oregon & The Cock, the Mouse, and the Little Red Hen.

For our letter of the day, “U,” we sang our phonetics song and then I drew items on the chalk board that begin with the letter “U,” and had the boys guess what I was drawing…they even got “underwear!” I liked using the board…a nice change.

We danced and sang, Jonny Brown, as we moved with the scarves.

Outside, the kiddos drew with chalk, hunted for cat poop and pine cones, trudged through the snow (or fell, as was the case with the builder). Ray wanted us to know that he didn’t push him. Soo funny.

They ate their bread outside with a bit of butter and overall it was a great day at preschool!

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