kiddo daily delight – elephants can paint too by katya arnold


Have you ever seen this book?  Elephants can Paint too by Katya Arnold is a gem of a book.  I love it for the many messages.  It reminds us of our responsibility to our planet, natural environment and it’s inhabitants.  It encourages children to try any talent…no matter how difficult or bizarre it may seem.  When I was in Thailand, we rode elephants and watched them paint.  It really was incredible.  I’m not sure, but I think Thai elephants are quite the artists!  I hope to take the kiddos to see the elephants paint one day…

My parents are remodeling and digging through old treasures.  Each time they come to see us, they bring a box of books or toys I haven’t seen for 20+ years.  In the latest box were some old coloring and activity books.  The memories have flooded my mind and brought many smiles.  Even greater are the emotions watching my kiddos enjoying some of the same things my sibs and I enjoyed. 

Today, as I prepared some canvases, they painted with some water coloring books.  Do you remember these…the ones that you take a wet brush and colors magically appear in stategic places?  Do they still make these?  I know…I don’t get out much! 

Anyways, I gave them droppers to use as well.  Though I think they still prefer our traditional painting adventures, they sure had a wonderful time.

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