delight – advent countdown 7: magical porcelain village


We’ve been enjoying our snow days this week.  It’s been fun to be nestled up cozy-like in our house, doing fun activities at home, but we needed to get out.  The builder and I only left the house yesterday to go to doctor Tod’s and have his stiches removed.  Next year’s birthday cards for Relief Society we done, so the kiddos and I headed to the Wave Office after naps. 

The roads aren’t that bad today, and the snow is still beautiful everywhere (I know in another month or so, I’ll be asking myself if I still like brown and black snow…).  We drove through the west side of old town Heber.  I love the older part of Heber.  The charming cottages and smaller homes have been given more remodeling/painting attention over the past few years. 

I began having flashbacks to my childhood Christmas’.  The magic that poured from my mother’s porcelain village, as we lit each of the snow covered cottages.  Cotton was placed between the cottages to cover the electrical cords and make more of a snowy appearance.  My sisters and I would pick out our favorites: the church, the pink house (my fav), the orange candy cottage, Santa’s blue workshop…

The snowy blanket on the Heber Cottages looked just like the miniature village.  There was a pink cottage with long icicles, a blue one, a yellow one…the kiddos and I rode round several blocks, pointing out our favorites, calling out the colors.  Enjoying the magic I remember.

I have always loved this part of town.  The snowy blanket intensifies the color and craft of each home.  Really makes me think about what I would like one day, and will it look good in a blanket of snow? 

We’ll have to do another cottage tour of the East side of old Heber while the beautiful perfect blanket it still there to evoke the magic!

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