gwg – kirei board: recycled beauty from counters to wall paneling


Not too long ago I received a gift massage, from my husband, to our local wellness center: Balance.  I was immediately smitten by the look of their reception counter.  When I learned that it was created from Kirei Board, I was even more impressed.

Much like plywood, kirei is a composite material, though it is made from the reclaimed stocks of sorghum plant.  Sorghum are a species of grass that are widely used.  Some species of sorghum grasses are used to feed livestock.  Others are used in alcoholic beverages and bio fuel.  Many gluten-free eaters will recognize it as flour safe for their consumption.  Certain species of sorghum are considered a staple in Africa, South Asia, and Central America, as they are the fifth largest cereal crop grown throughout the world.    

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