development – cowboy photo shoot


It’s been a while since I’ve got to do a family photo shoot…I loved taking pics with Sonya & Will’s beautiful family this afternoon.  Sonya is soo smart.  She let Will decided what they were doing for pics, and he wanted his cowboy hat and the horses. 

It was freezing!  They were all great sports.  One of the horses even took off for a while (we just kept taking pics as Will’s bro Jake ran off to get their horse, Tyler and with lil’ Riley warming in the truck). 

I was a bit nervous afterwards and intimidated, because I have never done a shoot with horses.  But I shouldn’t have worried.  Sonya, Will, and their boys are soo photogenic.  The designer even pointed that out as we peeked at the photos tonight.

Check these out:




1208-064 Seriously, how do you pick a favorite!  Soo photogenic!

And just a few more:



1208-078  I made a file with my favs of the shoot.  Some at the end were so funny, I think everyone was having a great time together.  Taking photos of you just makes me love you even more!  Thanks again, I had a great time and hope that one of the photos is what you’re looking for.  🙂

2 thoughts on “development – cowboy photo shoot

  1. Katrina! I cannot be more thrilled with the pictures! Thank you SO much! It is going to be hard to pick my favorites too! You did such an amazing job. You are very talented. Thank you again.

  2. How did I miss this post?? The two little boys are too cute. They look totally comfortable on the range and totally ecstatic at the same time. Love it, great images.

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