development – birthday cards for relief society


A few days after the grower was born, the Relief Society Presidency came for a visit.  During the visit, our president asked if they could use some of my art for next year’s birthday cards.  I said, “sure,” and forgot about it.  Kiddos, mastitis, etc. kinda got me distracted.  Saturday night she asked if I would still do it.  “You want them for January right?”  I told her she could use anything I’ve done, but I still have four paintings to go before Christmas, and a couple commissions after that.  She agreed and then I realized that she wanted me to do the project as well.  

One more thing on the holiday list, so I began yesterday afternoon.   Lately, I’ve painted several tractors, old homes, snowy scenes, trains, planes…and some baby clothing.  I know, it’s stretching it, but I decided to use Miley’s painting and here is the inscription:

On this special day, may we join your loved ones and proclaim,
“We’re so glad you were born!”
Happiest of Birthdays.
May this year be just as wonderful as one of your earliest.

After rummaging online and getting quotes from a couple local print shops, the image and inscription have been sent to the Wasatch Wave, and should be done the end of this week or the early part of the next. Check that one off the list.  🙂

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