delight – advent countdown 18: nutcracker dancing


We’ve been reading Angelina’s Christmas nearly everyday for the past couple weeks, so the kiddos and I have chatted a bit about the Nutcracker.  I wanted to dance with them to my Nutcracker cd, but thought it best to show them some of the ballet first.  I didn’t really want to go rent a copy, so I looked on Google Video, and sure enough, there were lots to choose from.  The builderand I even found a full length ballet production that we scrolled through and I chose parts and told him the story.  Maye in a couple years we’ll be able to go to the ballet.  I think a bit of prep work is in order though.  🙂

After dinner, we watched a few of the dances: the snow king and queen, sugar plum fairy, Russian, and Arabian dancers.  At this point, the dancerwas already dancing to the music coming from our computer.  So we shut the computer and I turned on the cd.  We had a wonderful time together.  The builder wanted the dancer to wear her princess crown, but she doesn’t have enough hair to make it stay, so he and I took turns wearing it.  The dancer wore her  abby cadaby “fairy dress,” as she calls it, and I danced with the grower in my arms.   They played with my Nutcracker, and soon the builder and dancer were dancing with one of her blankets and coming up with a fun game.  They would dance together wrapped in the blanket, and then drop on the floor laughing, bounce up and do it all again.  We’ll definitely have to do the Nutcracker dance again.

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