discovery – draper temple open house tickets now available


Reserved our tickets for the Draper LDS temple open house this morning.  So excited.  Can’t wait to take the kiddos.  The builder is especially fascinated with temples these days and is always asking when he can go inside “Jesus’ House.”  In fact, I’m not sure what he is most excited for this season: Santa or seeing baby Jesus…:)  It will definitely be a memorable morning. 

If you’ll be in or around Salt Lake from Jan 14th to March 14th, go online and reserve your tickets (yes, they are free!), by clicking here, or go to  Unlike dedicated lds temples, you do not have to be a Mormon, or LDS, to go inside. 

I’ll not forget the temple open houses I’ve attended, nor the temple decications.  Special memories to be sure.  There are so many beautiful places and events to experience in our world.  This is one of the rare that are remembered forever.

ps…we went…read about our beautiful day here.

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