delight – advent countdown 28: children’s museum


Another great advent memory, and a great black friday alternative.  How can you not adore Utah’s Children’s Museum, Discovery Gateway?  Jam packed with exploring, building, and learning activities for kiddos of various ages…yes, I still enjoy it as well.  We’ve had a pass now for a couple years, and the kiddos still seem to find new ways to play and learn with favorite activities, and are continually discovering new things we haven’t done before.  We enjoyed the museum as a family.  It is only the 2nd time we’ve taken the designer.  The kiddos love showing him their favorite stuff and doing it with him. 

A couple highlights: the dancer and I at the storyboard…identifying each magnet and singing and moving to songs we’ve learned with Miss Kristi and Signing Time, the builder piloting the helicopter (he was soo into it), and the paper airplane and fan that the grower enjoyed with his siblings.  He couldn’t decide if he liked it or not, though no protesting.  The wind taking his breath away…wish I hadn’t run out of batteries for my camera! 

We were a day early to see Santa.  Lesa, we’ll have to go again soon! 🙂 

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