discovery – kiddos need a kitchen


The builder and dancer are in the modeling stage…they love to do what I am doing throughout the day.  So we do just about everything together: sweep the floor, laundy, taking out diapers, recycle, cook, etc. 

Mostly though, they love cooking.  I’d created a cooking area for them in the dining room last winter, but it wasn’t close enough to me.  When the designer received his license, he offered to take all the reference materials from kitchen cupboards, to his office at work.  So I’ve been meaning to make it into the kiddo kitchen for a couple weeks. 

So when the builder was sportin’ the latest dress-up gift for the dancer’s birthday, I showed him his new place to cook.  He loved putting the dishes and food in the cupboard.  All three kiddos have enjoyed since, even the grower can sit there and inspect the items as I cook.  Beautiful.  Thanks to the designer’s bro’s family for such a great gift. 

For a while now I’ve imagined having an island that is partially open, like a cave for the kiddos to do their cooking or reading and still be nearby.  Obviously, a small cupboard will do though.  I realize not everyone have so many cupboards (all of my art supplies are kept in the kitchen), but if you can make a nearby space that can be easily tiddied, I’m sure you’ll love it as we are.  🙂

2 thoughts on “discovery – kiddos need a kitchen

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