delight – advent countdown 32: christmas stories


For our advent activity today, the kiddos and I enjoyed a couple Christmas stories before bed.  At Christmas time, growing up, we could expect to receive a few books for Christmas.  This is a tradition I’d like to carry on with our kiddos.  I bought a couple books for them.  One to open Christmas morning, and one to share during the holiday: Angelina’s Christmas by Katharine Holabird (an Angelina Ballerina book).  A sweet story about warming an old postman’s holiday and sharing with others.  The builder loved it.  I’ll read it to the dancerbefore her nap tomorrow, because she was so busy running around getting more books, that she missed most of the story (I’m finding that she really needs one on one story-time to enjoy it, where the builderis happy for group story-time as well as the one on one). 

The second story we read is Melrose and Croc, a Christmas to Remember by Emma Chichester Clark.  Gigi gave the kiddos the cute story at Christmas time a couple years ago.  Its a great story about friendship and sharing holidays with friends.  Similar morals, both books have beautiful illustrations and cute characters.

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