discovery – christmas gifts from land of nod

So who’s not already looking for great Christmas gift finds?   My Land of Nod catalogue came in the mail last week, and I’ve been trying to peek through it when the kiddos aren’t.  A couple great finds in the catalogue:


The builder would simply love to have his own tool set…a stocking gift perhaps?  I like that it has it’s own lil’ tool box, and the price is fab. 


The kiddos are really into music these days…should have seen the builder and the dancer singing and signing I am A Child of God tonight before bed: priceless.  The builder nearly knows all the words now.  Anyways, I think they’d enjoy this music compilation.  I’m always looking for great music that they will enjoy, and that I will too (since they seem to think they get to be dj most of the time). 🙂

Tonight I’ve been on the Land of Nod site to see what other fun gifts they had.  On their home page, at the bottom right corner, there is a red box that lets you see gifts according to price…very handy.  After clicking the $10-$25 catagory  I found the above gifts and a couple more I know the kiddos would enjoy:

3719721_grimacescrdgme_0908       The dancer is very detailed, and would love sorting through these cards.  Both she and the builder pull quite the funny faces at each other and this could keep them crazy for hours.

1701257_musicaltoys       This set would be especially fun for them as they sing and play to their songs from kristi’s music class and those they sing in preschool. 

Thank you Land of Nod for always offering quality toys and gifts that a mom can be just as excited about giving as the kiddos are at receiving them!

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