development – a softer voice


My sweet kiddos, all kiddos for that matter, deserve the best.  They have a right to parents who love them and treat them with respect.

Not too long ago, I was chatting with my sister-in-law about her mother.  She has an amazing mom.  Most of us do, thankfully, but my sister-in-law said that her mother never ever raised her voice to her kids.  So maybe this isn’t such an amazing thing to everyone reading this, but this made such an impact on me.  I thought and thought about it and mulled it over in my lil’ brain. 

I wanted to be that mom.  I wanted it so bad.  So I gave it a shot.  It worked for a while (amazingly enough), and then I slipped.  I was so disappointed with myself.  It doesn’t matter that I can be the person I want to be 90% of the time.  I want to be that person all of the time.  I keep reminding myself that perfection doesn’t happen over night.  But I want to be that mom!  So I’m recommiting and am going to try again this week.  Wish me luck…I’m gonna need it. 🙂

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