discovery – music w/ miss kristy

So a few weeks ago my beautiful friend, Camille, suggested that her friend, Kristi, contact me about music class.  We just had our third class Friday morning and can I tell you how much the kiddos enjoy “music school?”  They simply love it!  We all come home energized, singing, laughing, and happy.  Both the builder and the dancer sing quite a bit already, but the new songs and new ways of singing familiar ones have been soo much fun.

All four of us attend the class together.  Miss Kristi calls it a music class, but it is more like a music and movement class.  The kiddos are learning tones, rhythm, dancing and moving through space with the music, how to play different instruments, story telling, foreign language, mimicking tones, and musical patterns, pretend play, creative word play, and on and on.  I’ve been soo impressed.

The environment is perfect for their learning, and even though I am there with all three kiddos, I find moments to enjoy the music with each one of them.  The builder and dancer love to choose instruments and help clean up afterward.  They love their time there and I can’t wait to have their friends join us as Miss Kristi will be teaching two classes come January.  How wonderful. 

One of my favorite things about the class is that it makes me recommit to welcoming music always.  I’m finding new ways to do music with the kiddos and remembering those forgotten.  Thank you so much Miss Kristi, and thank you Camille!  You are both such beautiful people, examples, and we’re soo lucky to have you in our lives!

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