discovery – can’t get enough pumpkin fun

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean that pumpkin fun has to be. My husband’s sister and her husband planted a fabulous pumpkin patch this year in a corner of our yard and the yield was a bit overwhelming. We have lots of pumpkins, gave many away, and saved some to use for preschool too.


During preschool, the kiddos enjoyed cutting into a large pumpkin, feeling it’s guts, and discovering the many seeds. Later, I baked some of the seeds and we enjoyed them for a snack throughout last week.  The kiddos painted some smaller pumpkins during preschool.  They have been fun center pieces in our home.  I was itching to do it myself and knew that they would enjoy some more pumpkin painting.  The builder had a friend over yesterday, so I joined the boys and the dancer in a painting project. We mixed colors and painted away. Our lil‘ friend told me that his was a “scary” pumpkin (he painted it mostly black hues).  

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