delight – soaking in the last rays of fall

The painting shows one of the views in the back yard.  Thank goodness we have more than trailers and old sheds to look at.  🙂  The builder was out watching the neighbors do some work in their yard Saturday morning.  He sat on a bunch of left over lumber that is piled near the fence, amongst the tall weeds.  He was having a wonderful time.  The dancer and I were sitting on the back deck and were in the shade.  She was done with the sand turtle, so we went to sit with the builder on his stack of lumber. 

The lumber was in the sun and the three of us sat there for quite a while, soaking in the last rays of Fall… probably one of the last warm days until next Spring.  We watched the neighbors working, driving their four wheeler through their yard, their horse swatting the last of the flies, and the dogs running in their pens.  Then we spotted their three geese, waddling in a line in size order (largest first).  Their bopping and waddling were right in sync.  Sometimes these geese, as most geese do, make quite a large amount of noise.  But they were making their deep garggly sounds, obviously enjoying the warmth of the sun as we were.  

Soon, the builder was busy creating a “sidewalk” out of some of the smaller pieces of lumber, connecting the stacks through the tall grass.  The dancer and I were singing Elmo’s theme song…though we never sing it as it should be sung.  I get tired of the same lyrics and enjoy making up new verses (learned that from my fabulous father), and thoughts that have to do with the kiddos and what they are up to.  The builder joined in the song, and pretty soon we were all helping him build with the left over lumber.

The sidewalk became a “ship,” huckle-berry-finn-style raft, that is hidden in the two foot tall dry grass.  All that building got us thirsty, and we went in to find that the designer had made us all lunch.  We were having such a splendid morning, I’d completely forgotten the time and how long we had spent out in the furthest part of the yard.

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