discovery – the great rice cooker search

After reading, browsing, and researching, I think I’ve found our future rice cooker.  We eat brown rice 3-4 times a week at our house: breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our current rice cooker has served us well, but for this growing family of four,  it’s on its last leg (that was my previous one, really, missing a leg).  This one is too small for our frequent use, and the lid is missing an important plastic blow hole part, making the rice not nearly as moist and wonderful overall, not to mention the spitting…I have to put a towel out next to the rice cooker each time I use it.  Before it capoots all together, I thought it best to find our future cooker before we’re desperate…

So here it is: the Zojirushi NS-PC18.  I cooks up to 10 cups of rice, has a locked lid that will seal in the moisture, and has a condensation collector.  Of course it comes with a non-stick pan, and it will transport easily (how nice).  I found it several places online with similar discounts and free shipping.  Though, will also send a free recipe book (yes, please).  I’ll let you know how it works… 🙂

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