delight – making bear lake

It used to be that the builder took 2-3 naps a week.  This was hard on me, but I was adjusting.  Yet, it’s been a couple weeks since he has taken a nap.  I need to accept this new change and come up with a new plan.  So I’ve been trying to find projects for him to work on.  We’re doing more one-on-one reading and I’m trying to focus on his emergent reading skills.  I’d like to teach him to read within the next few months.

Just last week, the neighborhood girls were outside after we had a picnic lunch.  They were laughing and enjoying the builder and dancer.  It was time to put the grower and dancer down for a nap.  I told the girls that the builder and his friends love to dig lakes, rivers, and roads in the sand piles.  One of them spoke out about how much she loved doing that.  Soon, the builder and 4 older girls were out there recreating Bear Lake, an amusement park, and resort homes.  They worked out there for over an hour as I was catching up on laundry.  It was nice out, so I had the window open so I could see and hear them. 

The builder was just loving it.  After a while the girls got hungry and asked if they ate, if they could come back in a little while.  The builder was afraid they would never return.  But they did.  So another half hour later, with the dancer too this time.  It was a beautiful fall day, with happy creative kiddos.  What more could I want…especially when it helped me get my 9 loads of laundry done that afternoon and evening?  🙂

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