theory – creating is theraputic “for you maybe”

When I returned from Super Tuesday last week, the designer asked if I had enjoyed myself.  I described the culteral hall: full of women, creating, laughing, chatting, and having a wonderful time together.  “That’s what Homemaking must have been like for you mom, my mom, Aunt Ella…it was their sanity, and a break from the regime of motherhood.”  I then explained that I didn’t think I could do the organized craft projects every month due to the costs for the materials, as well as the time away from the kiddos.  There are so many things I can be doing at home with them that will still give me that satisfaction. 

Then I explained that the greatest par tof my Super Tuesday, was that the projects and creating process was soo theraputic.  “For you maybe,” said the designer.  He went on to point out how he doesn’t have time to create, that he always has something to do or study, do an asignment to finish.  He’s right, one day, hopefully next Spring, he’ll be able to spend his evenings doing something he really enjoys…like me (not that I have time for all of my interests all of the time, but I’m trying to make time for them, for me).  We’ll both get there.  I love creating with the designer…maybe we’ll be able to work more on our green dream home…

Yet it reminded me that, yes, it really was a theraputic day for me.  All that creating actually gave me more energy, more patience, and more mind power.  With everything that I have chosen to be on my plate these days, I think that creating each night would take time away from other essential tasks, thereby causing stress and anxiety.  But doing something purely creative will also give me the benefits already mentioned.  And that would help me through days of the mundane tasks, cleaning and keeping house.  I need that as well.  

Balance, again, balance.  So I’ve decided that once a week (maybe even twice), I need to spend the evening creating.  Painting, drawing, decoupage, something with my hands and my heart.  I think I’ll start with the kiddos’ Christmas gifts they are giving to their baby cousins: small treasured paintings of their blessing outfits.  I bought the canvases last week and need to get going anyways.  The more prepared for Christmas I can be, the more we can enjoy the season with the kiddos…I have big plans for this year…I think that’s another post though…

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