delight – baby hawk sale!!!

This post is about a good sale, but there is a newer one with 50% off if you click here!

There are soo many of you that find this blog because of my raving about Baby Hawk, not to mention all the friends and family that are always asking me about my beautiful carrier.  A while back I’d written to the Baby Hawk gals and asked if they’d be willing to give my friends, family, and site visitors a coupon discount.  I guess they get asked that a lot! 

But they sent me this fabulous email today…

20% off your entire order if you spend $150 or more,
15% off if you spend less than $150, and
10% off if you spend less than $100

If you are in the market for the most fabulous baby carrier out there (I only use mine at least twice a day :)), click here and order from Baby Hawk’s new sister site and use the coupon code: BABYHAWK.  You’ll find more wonderful items: toys, clothing, blankets, nursing covers and gadgets, and more.  If you live in San Diego County, you’ll definitely want to check out their store, classes and more…wish we were closer! 

The coupon code is only good until Nov. 12th, so give your mom or loved one a Christmas hint, or make someone really happy.  Enjoy!

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