discovery – need for a break on road trips

On our way through Provo Canyon, the builder announced that he was sick and about to throw-up.  This has happened a couple times within the past few months.  We weren’t sure if he would really throw-up, but decided to pull over as soon as possible anyway.

The designer, builder, and dancer headed to a near-by bridge that was crossing the Provo river.  Not a long break or adventure, but soon, the three ran back to the grower and I, waiting in the car.  It was a bit chillier then they had thought. 

From time to time, I have a bit of a motion sickness problem.  I remember having to lie down in my parents’ car on road trips, growing up.  The builder does not like to be thrown, has only enjoyed swings recently, and is not brave when it comes to movement where he is not in control.  So we’re thinking he may also be prone to motion sickness.  He may even be more sensitive than I.  We’ve decided that we’ll now plan for stops within the canyon to ensure his comfort, and avoid any future unnecessary throwing up in the car.  🙂

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