gwg – to bamboo or not to bamboo


The top 20 things homeowners should know before purchasing bamboo flooring.

For a long time now, I’ve been in love with the beauty of bamboo flooring.  The fact that it is considered “green” is another bonus.  Yet, I’ve heard many negative things about bamboo floors as well.  Hopefully the items listed below will help answer questions you may have and rectify any possible bamboo misconceptions as well.

  1. Though bamboo is categorized with wood floors, it is actually a grass.
  2. Bamboo is considered ‘green’ because of its ability to rapidly regenerate.
  3. Just because bamboo itself is ‘green’ doesn’t mean that your floor is green.  Has a forest disappeared because it was cleared for the growing of bamboo?  Have panda bears relocated because of the harvesting of the manufacturer’s bamboo? 
  4. Ask yourself how ‘green’ you and your pocketbook are willing to go.  Check with a manufacturer and do your homework to make sure you’re getting the “green grade” you desire.  Make sure you know what you’re getting before you pay a “great deal” for it.
  5. What about the finish?  If your product is considered ‘green’, but a finish was added to the wood that gives off VOC’s from formaldehyde based glues and finishes, your bamboo floor is no longer as ‘green.’  Look for manufacturers that offer water-based, solvent-free finishing.

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