discovery – gift wrapping while recycling mail

The designer calls it my “tinkering,” which makes me think I’m a nutty professor working in my workshop…maybe I am, but I love making things out of my favorite magazines!  Once I’ve poured over them a few times and torn out future ideas, I save them for projects…mostly gift wrapping.

Pictured above are some of my favorite wrapping adventures.  Yesterday I was wrapping a birthday gift for a niece, and mid-wrap, the idea for a purse erupted.  Next time I think I’ll make the purse and put the gift inside so that the recipient can reuse the purse.  It also got me excited about all the fun things I can make with and for my kiddos out of old catalogues and magazines.  As I created yesterday, the builder & dancer were busy making their own creations with paper & glue.  Oh the fun we have to look forward to, creating together…as soon as they refine those scissor skills! 🙂

3 thoughts on “discovery – gift wrapping while recycling mail

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