delight – the dancer’s 2nd birthday

Dear lil’ dancer,

Just in case you ever wonder what your 2nd birthday was like…it was delightful.  It began with your Daddy waking you up singing Happy Birthday to you, as your older brother whispered the tune, and your momma joined in from the next room. 

Your brothers and I went to Grandma’s house in the morning and you were able to play with your cousins, jumping to your heart’s desire on the trampoline.  Grandma came and stole you for a bit, holding you and took you for a walk in her yard. 

At noon we returned home and you rode your bike, played in the pumpkin patch, and enjoyed sitting among the pumpkins with your brothers as Momma tried to capture your discovery.  We enjoyed a strawberry banana smoothie and grilled cheese with tomato lunch with your Daddy.  You rode the tractor for a bit with your Aunt Tonya and then Aunts Kathryn & Charlotte arrived with a birthday gift.  You didn’t know what to do with the pink bag and yellow tissue paper.  But you were so happy to go say hello to Aunt Charlotte, waiting in the car. 

Your big brother and Daddy woke you up from your nap, singing again.  You were trying to wake and did not want to hear the song again. 🙂  The builderbegan singing to Momma instead. 🙂  We drove to the mouth of the Canyon and met your Papa, Nana, Uncle Jonny, and your Aunt Buffie, Uncle Richard, Katie, Ethan, and Aunt Nellie.  We ate at Mama Chu’s and celebrated your big day.

You played outside with Katie and the boys as we waited for our food and to arrive.  A darling book, and some fun puzzles that you enjoyed at the table.  As we drove home, your brothers both fell asleep on the ride.  When we arrived home you were excited to carry one of the puzzles in the house, and I could hear you quietly singing to the puzzle, happy birthday to you…  I couldn’t help but enjoy a sweet moment with you on the kitchen floor, standing up the puzzle animals in a line and playing with them. 

The grower woke and you shared your puzzle with him, babbling and talking together.  The drool was falling and you quickly got the wipes, cleaned the puzzle that had drool on it and then wiped the carpet, where some more had fallen.  Of course your next move was to trot off to the trash to put away the dirty wipes.  Your Daddy and I laughed as we watched you.

It was time for bed and we enjoyed a load of laughs in the bathroom as you turned the lights on and off and squealed as you would grab me in the dark each time.  We read your new book in the rocking chair, you prayed sweetly, kissed your Daddy and younger brother, layed down in your crib, grabbed your juice, and let me cover you up.

Sweet dreams lil’ one.  We love you so much and are so thankful for the joy you bring into our lives each day!


your momma

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