delight – preschool day off, or on?

When preschool was cancelled a half hour before we were to begin our session, I wasn’t sure what to do with the kiddos for the morning.  But it became clear very soon, as the builder and the dancer wanted to do Centers anyway.  So we spent some time in the art center, drawing, tracing our hands, writing letters of the alphabet. 

We were going to make pumpkin cookies for our big activity.  I didn’t want to do everything we had planned for the session, so we made peanut butter cookies with the kiddos instead.  They love it when we cook anything…especially when they can taste the batter.  🙂

While the cookies where baking and I was tidying up the kitchen, the builder began reading to the dancer, and I put the grower on the floor with them.  The three kiddos were reading together for quite a while and just having a blast. 

Later we sang, danced, and basically did our Music & Movement portion of Preschool.  So maybe our friends didn’t come to join us this morning, but we had a wonderful morning of learning and discovery.  A wonderful morning.

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