discovery- dishes w/ kiddos

Not too long ago, I stopped by my cousin’s home one evening and found her finishing her dinner dishes.  In one side of her sink she was washing dishes to load into the dishwasher and in the other was her youngest, busy washing his matchbox cars.  I smiled and laughed because I had just figured that trick out a few weeks prior.  Here I was with my third child, finally discovering out this great activity for lil’ ones while cleaning up the kitchen.  It sure beats the never ending empty the dishwasher as momma loads it game!   The dancer loves to be held, and she and the builderlove sitting on the counter as I cook.  Mostly, so that they can taste and help.  And after painting sessions, I sit them on the edge and let them wash and play in the water.  They love it.  So lately, I’ve been cleaning out the other side of the sink and letting the dancerhelp me wash or just let her play in the water.   She’s thoroughly entertained, I have less interruptions, and the task is completed much faster.  In my dream green home that we’re going to build one day, I’ve planned for a large one sectioned sink, but maybe I’ll have to rethink this to ensure the flexibility for kiddo washing!  🙂

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