discovery – seeing us as He does

Yesterday afternoon, as I was uploading pictures from the past couple days, I stumbled upon some photos I hadn’t taken.  The kiddos and I had gone on an outdoor adventure after dinner the other night.  The designer was inside studying for his final license exam, and the grower was sleeping. 

I’m usually trying so hard to capture as many wonderful moments in our kiddo’s lives, that I am rarely captured in our adventures.  Well there I was: in the field with the builder and the dancer.  Hunting for sticks, bugs, and any other treasure we could find (blue twine).  I’m not used to seeing my day through other eyes.  Most photos I see are through my own.  I am the primary photographer in our life story.  Yet, it was soo nice of the designer to capture the beautiful drizzly evening walk with our two kiddos.

As I looked at the photos I couldn’t help but think about our Heavenly Father and wondering what it is that he sees each day.  It’s hard imagining those short-tempered moments, or moments of desperation where I am not the kind self that I really want to be.  Though it may not be realistic to be my best self all of the time, all I can hope for is that the majority of those photographs seen and taken by our Father in Heaven are those which give him satisfaction, joy, and even the pleasure of a loving Father watching his daughter trying her best to love, teach, and serve those with whom she has been entrusted.

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