delight – baby blessing

Completely satisfied, and peacefully content, the end of a perfect day.  A perfect day because I am perfectly happy and full of joy to have shared a beautiful day with friends and family. 

The grower  was given a name and a blessing by his Father at Church today.  In the morning,  the older kiddos rode with my sister throughout the house on her recently finished long-board skateboard.  Later they went to Grandma’s as the designer helped his mother set out the tables and chairs for this afternoon’s “Linner.”

We arrived early and saved several rows, yet it wasn’t enough for everyone who had come to share the special event.  I was overwhelmed by the love shown as each of the designer’s siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles in town came with their families to spend the day.  Even those that were more than an hour away came, along with my immediate family and my mother’s sister’s family. 

So much love little grower.  Welcome to this world that is filled with people who love you and want to share your beautiful day!

I’m told that the blessing was beautiful…though I missed it, for the builder, “wanted his daddy!” and cried through the entire event.  I cried too.  All the work and preparations, and I missed it.  It was good to cry a moment.  As I listened to the speakers I finally felt the spirit and was able to enjoy the event. 

Linner was wonderful.  So much wonderful food to share.  I’ll post on it a bit more tomorrow.  For now, I’m going to relish in the joy of this beautiful day filled with loved ones and peaceful bliss.  We love you little grower!

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