july in review & call for entries

Looking back at this past month I have an even stronger conviction that the daily delights are making a difference in my life, attitude, and progression. 

Some of you have written to me that you like what you’ve seen, and that you would like to do it…just haven’t gotten around to it.  Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling a bit overwhealmed by the thought of the theory/process/commitment, it’s that inner self telling you that it would do you good.  And no, I don’t need to remind you this…you’ve felt it haven’t you? 

So do yourself a favor and start.  Start by spending 5 minutes today writing down your goals within the three categories.  Take 10 more minutes each of the remaining days for the next week and work on your goals. 

For those of you who have begun the program, how is it going?  The designer and I were discussing tonight the whole assessment side of The Daily Delights.  I was telling him about the book I want to design/create, to help ladies assess their progress.  He admitted that he isn’t one to write things down and asked what ladies would do who were like him.  Well I don’t know. 

Those of you who have begun, what kind of assessment are you using to record your daily delights?  In the Assessment page I suggested other ways: sketchbooks, a blog, and photos.  What about voice recording your delights?  I’m still working on this, so please comment below if you have more ideas, and please tell me what assessment tool you are using or most likely to use.

Overall, I’ve found that my single friends have responded the most about the site and it’s theory.  I thought this was interesting.  Sometimes I worry that now that I am a SAHM that it will be harder for my single friends to relate to me, but the feedback that I’ve received reminds me that we as women all have the same desires/needs…to be better and to feel fulfilled, loved, etc

The call for entries: for the month of August, I’d like to spotlight a delight from one of you once a week.  So if you are up to it, send me a delight, discovery, or development entry.  Use my blog as an example, or do something totally different…I’d love to see what you’re up to, and share it with all the other ddls (daily delight ladies) :).

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