development – birdhouses w/ kiddos

A couple weeks ago, the older two kiddos were hanging at Grandma’s while the baby and I were resting at home.  Most of the cousins were over and my sister-in-law thought it would be fun for them to do a craft project.  They painted birdhouses, and mine, practically painted their clothes as well.  (I have the kiddos wear my old t-shirts when we paint at home, just in case).  Thank goodness the paint came out of their clothes.  🙂

They had a blast and have enjoyed their birdhouses.  My son has been asking to put them in the large evergreen out front.  There are several families of birds that inhabit it and he wants his birdhouse in an appropriate spot.  So we finally took them out the other day and placed them in the tree.  My son laughed, because I can’t reach very high.  True, they may not be very high, but the three of us shorties can enjoy it from below.  Who  knows if birds will really test them out, but the kiddos were pleased, and that’s all that matters.

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