delight – dining out w/ kiddos

Having three kiddos, three and under doesn’t sound like the perfect recipe for dining out, but we were pleasantly surprised today as we enjoyed lunch together at Jason’s Deli.  As kiddo #3 was serenely taking his afternoon nap in the stroller, the older two were happily eating their meatballs, dancing to the music, and laughing at each other.  Amazing.

We had eaten there a few months ago, before our third was born, and had not found such great luck.  Ultimately, my husband, having finished his meal, took the kiddos to the car, and told me to enjoy my salad in peace (bless him!).  

Time after time this past week, we’ve found that the 3 kiddos is easier than just the two.  That this third child has been an equalizer in our lil’ clan.  That when the kiddos are cranky, it’s the older two having a hard time as the third is peacefully sleeping or chillin’.

I know, :), it gets more complicated…the crawling, walking, potty training.  But we’ll take it one day at a time, one meal at a time, and one restaurant at a time!

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