delight – biking

Saturday I pulled out all the stops.  My three year old asked me again if, “the baby come out of your belly?”  to which I agreed.  “You ride bikes now?”  was his next question.  Why not?  I was feeling pretty good.  So we all went out to ride our bikes for a bit.

My son is not the only one wanting me to “ride bikes.”  I’ve been craving it for months.  I love riding bikes with the kiddos.  Last Spring through the Fall we rode nearly every morning, me on my green Novara Flirt, and the kiddos in the Burley d’light trailer (both from REI).  Living in a small town has it’s definite perks, and room for cyclists is one of ours.  We rode all over town: to Grandma’s house, to Aunt Kathryn & Charlotte’s, or to see the kiddos’ cousins. 

Once a week we rode the 6 miles to the neighboring town where my husband works.  Along the way we would pass the train station, go over the river, and usually stop at the park.  Sometimes we’d bring lunch, but mostly we’d have my husband drive our Highlander with the bike hitch, and we’d all go home to lunch together.   Everyone enjoyed Wednesday. 

We’d also run our errands in the bike: to the grocery store, bank, post office.  We always get smiles from motorists in the bank teller drive through.  Though, I prefer to go at a not so busy time so that we don’t have to inhale the exhaust. 

Sometimes we were able to go on rides with cousins, and my fabulous friend Lesa and her kiddos.  It was fairly easy getting in shape after baby #2, because we were always going out on the bikes. 

On weekends, we would explore our nearby canyon trails together as a family.  We’ve already made some great memories together on our bikes, and I’m glad that my son has at least retained a positive experience with biking (though he may not remember the fun excursions we’ve gone on). 

The big concern for this Summer and Fall, has been, “what to do with this new baby?”  Part of the fun is biking together, and so I really don’t want to leave him.  The other thing is that we really do use the bikes as a form of transportation, so that will really change things.  We’ve talked about the little seats that attach to the back of your bike.  I’ve even seen one where the child rides in front of your bike.  Still trying to decide.  I’d love to hear advice/opinions. 

Meanwhile, Saturday, I put the baby in the amazing Baby Hawk carrier and rode with him around the neighborhood.  I know, not regulation, but I just wanted to try it out.  I found that riding a bike felt better on this recovering post partum body than walking, and that the Baby Hawk carrier really is incredible.  The baby went to sleep and was so snug against me that he did not move the entire time. 

To read more about Baby Hawk, click here for a previous post. 

A long sought after delight: riding my bike!

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